Thursday, October 23, 2014

Mark Levin ➡ You're Going To See Obama's Full Mussolini Coming Out With ...

I believe that without a doubt the sorry SOB will take out all stops after the election and go into full DESTRUCT mode on all of us Legal Americans, Military, Whitey, Elderly, Conservatives, Republicans, and Tea Party Patriots, etc!

Anyone who does NOT kiss his ass and do whatever he tells them to have been warned by Pelosi that they would get "pay backs" from the immature narcissistic Demon-Rat/Communist SOBs!
He has already admitted that he intended to "Fundamentally Transform" America, he just did NOT admit that he meant he was going to Transform it into a Third World Hell Hole run by Islamic/Muslims and Communists!!

Dear Lord, please motivate everyone to vote those DEMONS out of our country, and save America.