Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Chattanooga Marine Veteran's Direct Address to Mr. Obama

Alan Keyes ( a black US congressman) warned the US when Obama was a Senator that he was a Communist. Then we find out it's true.

Obama's life was hidden from the American people until he was in office, then info started to be released. Have you read his books? He wrote, when the time comes he will side with the Muslims.

With all the Anti-American things he has done to our nation how can any American support the Obama Admin.

His mouth piece is Jarrett, another Muslim connected to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Obama has appointed over a dozen Muslim Brotherhood members into important positions in our Govt making laws/rules of us, why?

Obama is bringing in hundreds of thousands of Muslims from the Middle East , why?
Why are our Borders open?

Why are illegal felons allowed to go free an commit crimes on US citizens.

Notice the fueling of race hate being spewed by the White house? Divide and Conquer still works.

Race problems have gotten really bad under Obama, many blacks are waking up, standing up and speaking out against him.

Time for our nation to wake up before it's too late.