Thursday, November 26, 2015

Some Blacks Are More Racists than Whites Now

When a black woman hates on a white woman who is with a black guy, it is because she is JEALOUS, it pisses her off that the black guys would rather be with a white woman. It is none of their business who another person loves or marries!! 

You are sooooo right, I don't like people who are RACIST against any other person JUST because of their race!! ANYONE can be a racist!

All lives matter! All of us are God's children, and deserve to be treated with respect. 

I have been accused of being racist, just because I hate the TERRORIST USURPER in our W.H.! I would hate him just as much whether he was white or black, and besides the fact that he is half and half! He hates half of himself, obviously!  He hates whites, Americans, Christians, Conservatives, Republicans, etc... He loves Communists, Demon-Rats, and Muslims!! He is NOT good for America!! We desperately need Donald Trump now!!