Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The FALLACY of the Unequal Opportunity Race

OMG, what freaking IDIOTS!! Brainwashing our children to think that blacks are Victims does NOTHING  to help blacks! It teaches them to BLAME everyone else for all their PROBLEMS, and to stay Victims! 

Yes, the prisons are full of hate-filled, whiners, blamers, and EXCUSE makers! Look at the EVIL SOB that we have occupying our W.H.!! He is a Dope Fiend, Liar, Cheater, and Thief! He thinks that we all owe him something, even though we paid for his college, and he has spent his whole life in the "Victim mode", and SCREWING people out of their money with his "White Guilt" bullshit!! He needs to stop blaming and making excuses, and GROW UP! Hell, try getting "Clean and Sober"!! 

Maturity is accepting RESPONSIBILITY for your own bad choices and NOT staying angry and miserable! We owe you, NOTHING!! Stop ROBBING the Legal American taxpayers to support your lazy ass!! You have been ENABLED all your life! You have never had a real job! You always got the jobs ONLY because of your race, and that is just WRONG!  

Affirmative Action is RACIST and WRONG!! Hiring someone of one race over a more qualified person for the job, that just so happens to be white, is RACIST! STOP Affirmative Action, it is Communism!!