Sunday, March 6, 2016

Donald Trump Fires Back at Pope Francis

This so called Pope is NOT God and does NOT speak for us Christians! His opinion means NOTHING to me. He has walls around the Vatican and he has security protecting him. Let him allow all of the INVADERS to move in with him into his country!! Christians are NOT taught to just lie down and allow others to USE, and ABUSE us!! Christians are supposed to take care of their own family and country FIRST! Besides the fact, that the Pope is a Communist, and he is leeching off the backs of his people! While he lives in luxury and the poor people give him their money, they are like sheep. They are supposed to follow him blindly! 

I am NOT Catholic. I don't like people who think that they are God, and who spend MILLIONS for fancy buildings while the poor people barely get by! We the People, want NO part of your COMMUNIST N.W.O.!!!

It is NOT America's job to let in and support all of the world's refuse. Either come Legally and pay taxes, and swear allegiance to the United States or get the hell out!! Vote TRUMP to take our country back!!