Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Donald Trump Meets with Religious Leaders To Pray for Him to Save America

Rev. James Manning is that African-American leader. No matter what Donald Trump does or says, the "naysayers will persecute" Trump because he is fighting Evil, Corruption, Communists, Liberals, and Socialists! Trump is our ONLY hope!! People have been so petty that they talk about his hair or whether he looks "comfortable" or not!! I could care less what he looks like. God judges us by our insides not our outsides. I believe like Rev. Martin Luther King, that a man should be judges by his Character not his Color.

GOD will save America and Israel through Donald Trump! No one said that he is perfect, he is not because he is human just as we are. Stop expecting to find a saint without sin to be our president, because they do not exist!! But...at least Trump will fight the Corrupt governmental administration that we have today with no God! He will support our military HEROES, our Elderly, and Sick INSTEAD of the Illegals and Criminals like BHO does!! Go with God Donald J. Trump!! Let's take our country back!!

Liberals are such LIARS! They are afraid that Trump will take back our country from the Liberal Lunatics and God haters! Trump is neither racist, or crazy! And...he is not Lazy like the Liberals who expect the rest of the world to support them!

It is not American taxpayers job to support the rest of the world!!! Trump will take care of Americans FIRST! SECURE OUR BORDERS! ENFORCE OUR LAWS! STOP ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION!! STOP ILLEGALS FROM TAKING AMERICANS JOBS! BRING JOBS BACK TO AMERICA! SUPPORT FREE TRADE! GET RID OF NAFTA!! WE DO NOT WANT AMERICA TO TURN IN TO A THIRD WORLD SHIT HOLE LIKE THE ONE THAT ALL THE ILLEGALS ARE CRAWLING OUT OF! STOP trying to being your socialist and communist government to America, we will NOT surrender! GOD, and America and Israel will survive!! The rest of the world needs us desperately to keep Freedom alive!!!