Monday, March 7, 2016

Donald Trump Tells Protester 'Go Home To Mommy' | NBC News

Whoohoo! Go Donald Trump! Take no shit!! No more excuses for their Criminal behaviors!! #TRUMP is the only candidate that will stand up for Legal American taxpayers instead of the Illegal Criminals and Muslim Devils.

“Go home to Mommy,” shouts Donald Trump at ‘Stop Islamophobia’ protesters in North Carolina!

Donald Trump seemed to really enjoy kicking out two designated terrorist group CAIR-inspired ‘Stop Islamophobia’ protesters from his North Carolina rally today…especially after being crowned with the ‘Islamophobe of the Year’ award in Britain over the weekend.

ABC News Before Trump even took the stage, a group of more than a dozen young people, clad mostly in black, were escorted out of the building after linking hands and standing to the side of the stage.

The final two people escorted from the arena held three fingers in the air in a kind of salute. One of the men had on a yellow emblem reading, “Stop Islamophobia.”

Trump paused at each interruption as his supporters simultaneously booed the protesters and cheered on law enforcement. “Go home to mommy,” he said, as one man was removed. “Let her tuck you in bed.”