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Dinesh D'souza Hillary's America: The Secret History of the Democratic P...

Published on Aug 9, 2016
Hillary's America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party is a documentary style movie produced by filmmaker, academic, and political commentator Dinesh D'souza, an American who came to the United States at around age 18 from India. The purpose of the film is to take a deeper (and more conservative) look into the background of not only Hillary Clinton, but also the Democrat Party. The timing of the movie's release, during an election year, is not a co incidence, as Dinesh D'souza released another movie about Obama entitled "Obama's America" during the 2012 Mitt Romney vs. Barack Obama presidential race.

Hillary's America begins with addressing the elephant in the room, which is that of Dinesh D'souza's incarceration for improper campaign finance contribution. Dinesh gave a friend of his too much money towards her campaign as she was running for political office, which is not legal. The point made early in the film is that most people don't go to jail for that unless they are corrupt in general, having a long history of questionable and/or outright improper political behavior. That didn't describe Dinesh, so it appears to him as if he's being targeted for being conservative.

After that issue is addressed, the film moves on to digging into the background of the Democratic party. The key here is to paint the Democrats as they are and as they were, as racists and as slave holders. No Republican president ever held slaves, as the person to abolish slavery was the first President, Abraham Lincoln. Democratic presidents like Andrew Jackson were brutal slavers. The movie shows Jackson as a person who would beat his slaves in the field and take advantage of them sexually in his bed.

The KKK was mentioned in the movie of course, and they were portrayed as they were, the enforcement arm of the Democratic party. Woodrow Wilson was also a Democratic president who aired
"The Birth of a Nation" in the white house in 1915. A friend of his, Thomas Dixon, actually wrote the movie. The 1924 DNC was essentially a KKK rally, and was known as the Klanbake.

Margaret Sanger was a person that Hillary Clinton has publicly stated she admires for her vision. Hillary's America shows Margaret Sanger as she was, which as a eugenicist, and a racist, who wanted to exterminate the black population, among other people.

Rhetoric from the Democrats generally has the Republicans as those who are racist and hate blacks, but it was the Republicans who ushered in the first civil rights for blacks, via the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments, which gave blacks freedom from slavery, the right to vote, and full citizenship in the United States. Republicans were also more in favor of the civil rights act of the 1950s and 60s more than Democrats were. Democrat Presidents like Lyndon Baines Johnson (LBJ) wanted to keep blacks on the virtual plantation, saying he'd have "those niggers voting Democrat for the next 200 years).

Hillary Clinton's character is shown from a young age, how her mind was essentially warped by the teachings of Saul Alinsky, a political organizer who learned much of what he knows from the gangbanger Frank Nitti of the Chicago Mob. She took what she learned under Alinsky's tutelage and took it to another level, by infiltrating the government from the inside to make the radical changes she wanted.

There are also mentions of Obama's childhood, the Clinton Foundation, and much more. Overall, a very informative movie that is not 100% perfect, but serves as a tool to disseminate information that otherwise may not even be readily available to the general public.

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Hillary's America: The Secret History of the Democrat Party

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