Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Hillary is Terrified of Trump

Hillary is outraged over this explosive NY Times bestseller.

This exposé of her is already #1 on Amazon — for all nonfiction books sold in the world!

It has been written by one of her closest confidants and advisers for over 20 years.

His name is Dick Morris.

He admits he made a big mistake backing her.

Now he wants to warn the world about her.

For the first time, Morris reveals Hillary’s darkest secrets in Armageddon.

Armageddon also reveals a surprising strategy Donald Trump must use to bypass the liberal media and deflect Hillary’s dirty tricks.

Only Trump can defeat her, Dick Morris says.

Armageddon is the ultimate battle between good and evil.

Now, in their powerful and timely new book Armageddon: How Trump Can Beat Hillary, authors Dick Morris and Eileen McGann reveal a surprising political game plan that could change the outcome of the 2016 elections.

Armageddon is already a runaway New York Times bestseller and #1 national bestseller on Amazon. Everyone is talking about this book!

"Make no mistake about it, Trump faces an uphill battle," Dick Morris says.

“With a liberal media biased in Hillary’s favor, demographic trends favoring younger and ethnic voters – and some Republicans at war with their own nominee, Trump must take a different approach.”

Trump can still win and defeat Hillary, Morris argues in Armageddon.

Few know and understand Hillary and Bill Clinton better.

For over 20 years Dick Morris served as their personal political adviser and trusted confidant.

Dick knows their strengths and weaknesses – and their darkest secrets.

For the first time, he reveals Hillary’s secrets in Armageddon – and explains why Trump must ignore the traditional GOP playbook to make her the issue and defeat her once and for all.

Morris believes the 2016 election will be the most decisive in history. America can go down the road of socialism, “Obama’s third term” – or take a path of economic and spiritual resurgence – one that makes us truly great again.

In Armageddon, Morris outlines his attack plan on Hillary:
She is a “compulsive, pathological and serial liar” that must be exposed – he reveals the evidence

Hillary lost any claim to “commander-in-chief” after Benghazi – new details show she covered up her role

She will put America again into another needless war.
She is “obsessively secret and paranoid” – Morris reveals never before known details that show her to be the “controller-in-chief”

But Morris says attacks on Hillary alone won’t defeat her. Donald Trump needs a master plan – a grand strategy to avoid the GOP mistakes of 2008 and 2012.

Dick Morris gives solid advice to Trump:
How Trump can woo 8 million white voters who failed to show up for Mitt Romney in 2012

Why terrorism may prove to be Trump’s ace in the hole – and why he must expose Hillary and Obama’s efforts to let terrorists into the U.S.

The fact that Obamacare is not a dead issue – and howTrump can use it to get low-income voters who have been hurt by this socialist program

Why immigrants and union voters may prove to be Trump’s biggest allies

Hillary’s vulnerabilities with China, Iran, Israel, Mexico and many others

Trump’s secret strategy for black voters: he can win a bigger proportion than any Republican using this one issue

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Morris calls the 2016 presidential election America's Armageddon — a decisive battle to determine the future of this country. With the nation’s future on the line, this may be the most important book you must read this year. You’ll learn:
One big difference between Trump and Hillary — he’s not afraid to bomb ISIS oil states, where so many of Hillary’s cronies and foreign benefactors live.

How failed establishment GOP politics propelled Obama to the White House — twice. Repeat these mistakes and Hillary takes the oath of office next January.

Why so-called “swing voters” don’t matter; this will drive the pundits nuts.

Hillary’s Achilles heel — her disastrous record on terrorism.

Hillary’s anti-Israel stance — will Jewish voters hold her accountable?

Lies, damn lies, and perjury — from Whitewater to the White House travel office to Benghazi, Hillary’s pattern of deceit must be used against her.

“It never happened.” “I can’t recall.” “Not to the best of my knowledge.” Hillary’s long list of fabrications and falsehoods should disqualify her from taking the oath of office.

Why Obamacare must be repealed; it’s not for the reasons you think.

Obama’s illegal immigrants: stealing Americans’ jobs and driving down their wages.

Insane Obama visa program that steals jobs from college grads. Republicans can win over younger voters with this issue.

How Obama and Bill Clinton used class warfare to gain the White House; count on Hillary to roll out the same tactic.

Key points the Republican nominee must use to win over women; Hillary is totally vulnerable to these.

Dick Morris’ top 5 reasons Hillary should NOT be president; #4 ought to be enough to cost her the election.

What Bernie Sanders did is shocking; if Republicans copy it, Hillary is finished.

9 million — that’s how many new voters Obama got out to the polls in 2008 compared with ’04. If Republicans don’t turn out their base voters, Hillary will sweep to victory.

Obama and Hillary are letting terrorists into America — terrorists who want to destroy us. A Hillary win will truly usher in the death of the nation.

The #1 enabler of the Iranian terrorist state: Hillary Rodham Clinton. She gave them $1.7 billion in U.S. taxpayer money with no enforceable provision for cutting back their nuclear program.

Hillary’s plan to “strengthen” Obamacare — hide the costs and pretend they don’t exist.

5 cracks in the Obama/Hillary voter base, and how Republicans can use them to assure victory.

How Republicans can and must use the jobs issue to win back Reagan Democrats.

China’s massive trade cheating — emptying our bank accounts, stealing our jobs, while Obama and Hillary do nothing. Republicans must beat the drums on this essential pocketbook issue.

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