Thursday, December 22, 2016

Hillary Clinton Song - "Dishonesty" A Parody of Billy Joel's "Honesty"

Published on Oct 16, 2016
Lyrics by D.P.K. ©2016 EMI DPK Publishing - (Lyrics and info below) Enjoy! Visit our website!

"If you search for treacherous, it isn’t hard to find
When crooked Hillary has the support she needs to fib!
But if you look for truthfulness , You might just as well be blind
And from the Clinton’s it always seems so hard to give

Dishonesty is such a perfect word, For Hillary is so untrue
And honesty is never ever heard, And not what we will get from her

It’s always hard to find someone even in the FBI
To file charges against slippery Hillary
But we don’t need some ugly face to tell us ugly lies
All we want is someone we can believe

Dishonesty is such a perfect word For Hillary is so untrue
And honesty is hardly ever heard She lies until her face is blue

The media gives her cover Along with her lying friends
She gets safety and security until the bitter end
Loretta Lynch can’t comfort us with false promises again
I know (We know) She blows!

Benghazi found her deep in lies She wasn’t too concerned
She blamed a stupid video and said, “What difference does it make!?”
But when the United States needs security
tell me where else can we turn
Crooked Hillary you know we can’t depend upon

Honesty is such a lonely word, Hillary is so untrue
Dishonesty is what we’ve always heard
And prison is what we need for you."

This song parody falls under "fair use" copyright under "social commentary" and "parody" nevertheless a license was obtained for streaming for use of musical arrangement and melody. Written and performed by "Silly Joe" founder of "Americans Against Marxist Tyranny and Media Bias"