Tuesday, February 21, 2017

"BUILD THAT WALL!" Donald Trump Chants After Major Endorsement

PRAISE GOD, we finally have a Real American Patriot a our President!! It is not that we don't give a damn about the people trying desperately to get into our country, but we are supposed to take care of "Our Own" FIRST! It is in the Bible too! We need the wall and "Extreme Vetting"!! Obama was NOT vetted, and look how horrible he has made America!! He was NOT born in America, or he would not have to hide his records!! He stole someone else's social security, and the Birth certificate is FAKE! Call me what you may, but I will never give up until I take my last breathe, to try and save our beloved United States of America! Obama ROBBED the American taxpayers of thousands to pay for his college as a FOREIGN student, then when it is convenient for him he claims he was born in Hawaii!! LIAR, you cannot have it both ways, you SOB!