Saturday, March 11, 2017

Explain to the Forefathers what Has Happened to America

Well, Number #1 people turned away from GOD, and allowed GOD to be taken out of our schools and government!

Number #2 they allowed the liberal demon-rats and RINO's to turn our country into a "demon-racy" instead of a "Republic"!

Number #3 they voted for a president for his color instead of his character.

Number #4 they allowed an Illegal, Marxist, Muslime Terrorist to manipulate his way into our W.H!

Number #5 they allowed the Communists to infiltrate the democrat party!

Number #6 they allowed the breakdown of the family, and rewarded women for having children out of wedlock!

Number #7 they allowed babies to be murdered by their own mothers, and their body parts to be sold for profit!

Number #8 they became complacent and took their freedom for granted!

Number #9 they allowed our politicians to be "bought off" by corrupt people like Soros!

Number #10 they allowed our military heroes to be treated worse than the Illegals and Criminals!

Number #11 they allowed others to separate us by race, and social status!

Number #12 they turned to addictions to make them feel better instead of looking up for God to help them!

Short Version: they allowed God to be replaced by the Devil! May GOD forgive us and save us! We are awake and we are taking our country back from the Demons!!!!! Thank GOD, for our President Trump! Michelle Obama whined that now she had no hope, well praise GOD, now I have hope, and and millions of other American Patriots have hope too!